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NZOZ Genomed, established in 2008, has the widest genetic testing offer in Poland. We invite you to acquaint yourself with our ever expanding molecular diagnostics offer, which includes the analysis of the whole human genome (Whole-genome sequencing, WGS) for clinical and prophylactic reasons.

The offered tests are carried out in accordance with the existing recommendations concerning particular diseases as well as in keeping with the recommendations for molecular diagnostic tests.

Our diagnostic laboratory participates in external quality controls held by European organizations (CF Network, European Molecular Genetics Quality Network).

The diagnostic laboratory is registered on the laboratory list kept by the Polish National Chamber of Laboratory Diagnosticians, entry no. 2854. Diagnostic testing is performed by an expert team with over 15 years of experience in the field of human genetics.

The method used in most tests for identifying molecular defects is based on sequencing technology, which enables obtaining the highest test sensitivity.

A genetic testing result includes both a genotyping result and an interpretation of the molecular results obtained.

There is a possibility of modifying the employed testing panels depending on patients and physicians’ individual needs. In such cases, please contact us by phone or email. NZOZ Genomed cooperates with numerous scientific institutions. Accredited by the Polish Chamber of Physicians and Dentists, Genomed organizes trainings for physicians (on genetics in medical practice), supports social and educational initiatives connected with broadly understood genetics as well as associations for patients and their families.

The Genomed team constantly enhance their qualifications, participating in conferences and trainings, in Poland as well as abroad, preparing lectures and publications.

Thanks to the DNA sequencing-based diagnostics they develop, the Genomed team are pioneers in using patient genome sequencing for diagnostic purposes. In 2013, using Next Generation Sequencing technology, Genomed diagnosticians and scientists identified mutations responsible for a rare disease called limb-girdle muscular dystrophy, which can be caused by alterations in approximately 20 genes. Determining the disease’s genetic basis makes possible avoiding further, painful diagnostics, selecting a suitable physiotherapy, diet and, in the future, a targeted therapy.


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