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To customers from research centers Genomed offers all types of DNA sequence analysis, including polymorphism analysis (Gene Scan) and sequencing phage genetic material or bacteria genomes. The company also carries out comprehensive projects - beginning with DNA isolation, through selecting primers and conditions for PCR as well as sequencing, ending with searching for homologous sequences and creating phylogenetic trees.

Genomed offers:

  • DNA sequencing services
  • Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) services
  • a wide range of services related to sequence analysis
  • DNA oligonucleotides synthesis
  • RNA oligonucleotides and peptide synthesis
  • a broad selection of nucleotide modifications
  • the attractive offer of the 4LAB™ automated pipetting workstation produced by 4titude®, a British manufacturer
  • a wide choice of minor laboratory equipment, available in the eStore

Genomed was created to provide services to scientific institutes, universities, hospitals, biotechnological and pharmaceutical companies as well as healthcare networks and individual customers.

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