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In the case of larger orders, you can also send a list of oligonucleotides to the above-mentioned e-mail address. The list should be prepared in an Excel file and should not contain spaces or illegal characters (the list of illegalcharacters is visible by hovering the mouse over the fields in the form below) (for orders placed by e-mail, the order processing time may be extended by 24 hours).

Orders for oligonucleotides longer than 80 nt, related to the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, will not be processed.

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* Standard purification is sufficient for routine PCR and sequencing reactions using primers below approximately 50 nt. We recommend HPLC purification of oligonucleotides for mutagenesis or cloning. For long products (>60 nt) or with an unusual sequence, HPLC purification (or another purification on your own) is also recommended for PCR applications.

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