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Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) has become a versatile and irreplaceable tool of modern molecular biology that gives us new insight into the genetic information embedded in genomes, transcriptomes or epigenomes of all organisms. Due to its flexibility towards any given project, NGS is applicable in many research areas: from medical diagnostics to evolutionary biology and agriculture.

In principle, the concept behind the NGS technology is similar to Sanger sequencing and is based on sequentially identifying the bases of small DNA fragments from the signals emitted as each fragment is re-synthesized from a DNA template strand. However, NGS uses special procedures for sample preparation (enriched DNA libraries) that enable extending this process across millions of reactions in a parallel fashion and obtaining gigabases of genomic data in a single sequencing run.
High capacity of the instruments, gigabases of data, high precision and quality of the readouts, nearly unlimited applicability!
Examples of applications:
  • de novo sequencing of entire prokaryotic and eukaryotic genomes
  • exomes sequencing
  • sequencing genomic fragments and amplicons
  • transcriptome sequencing
  • metagenomic sequencing and analysis based on 16S RNA fragments (bacterial populations) and ITS fragments (fungal populations) from environment-derived DNA
Genomed SA offers a comprehensive genomic sequencing service ranging from libraries preparation to bioinformatics analysis (e.g. aligning the consensus sequences for the contigs, annotation, quality and quantity analysis of the populations composition, phylogenetic trees etc.). We utilise two NGS technologies: Illumina's sequencing-by-synthesis and Roche’s  454 sequencing technology.

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