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  • Basic service 28 PLN netto.
    The service comprises a reaction's preparation using either universal primers , provided by Genomed, free of charge, or ones delivered by the customer. Results are presented as a text file containing the sequence and as a fluorogram in an .abi or .ab1 format (which opens with FinchTV or Chromas). Reading's guaranteed length is 500 - 800 nucleotides

  • Difficult templates 55 PLN netto.
    This service consists in sequencing of templates that require special protocols or special sets of reagents. These templates comprise those that contain hairpin structures, repetitive motifs and single base tracts as well as GC-rich templates. This service is performed after a consultation with the customer when the basic sequencing has provided no satisfying results.

  • Extra long run 33 PLN netto.
    This service is like the basic one, with the exception that the reactions analysed using 80 cm capillaries yield results ranging from 1000 to 1200 nucleotides

  • Extended service 55 PLN netto.
    The extended service consists in an additional analysis of the sequence obtained, assembly of a number of sequences to form one contig, and the comparison of the sequences of many samples with each other as well as with the reference sequence. Further information concerning sequence analysis is available in the analysis of gene sequences section.

  • Analysis of a reaction prepared by the customer 9 PLN netto.
    There is also the possibility of us analysing the reaction prepared and purified by the customer. For sample preparation we recommend DYEnamic ET terminator cycle sequencing kit and ABI Prism BigDye Terminator Cycle Sequencing kit.

  • Sequencing DNA on 96-well plates price per plate: 1550 PLN netto.

  • Establishment of a consensus sequence 0.40 PLN netto.
    Price for 1 bp. This service consists in sequencing of long DNA fragments by primer walking. It comprises primer design and synthesis, sequencing of both DNA strands and the assembly of single reads into the final contig.


  • Polymorphism analysis ("Gene Scan")
    The price depends on the number of samples. Minimal price is 240 PLN (for 16 samples). See details here .
    Genomed offers the following sets of dyes (1 PLN netto per sample):
    - filtr "D" 6-FAM, HEX, NED
    - filtr "D" 6-FAM, VIC, NED
    - filtr "F" 5-FAM, JOE, NED
    - filtr "G5" 6-FAM, VIC, NED, PET, LIZ
    The fragments' length is estimated within the 75-450 bp range. Please contact us in case of different fragments or doubts

    Free software - Peak scanner - for Gene Scan files analysis is available on Applied Biosystems website .

  • Plasmid amplification 22 PLN netto.
    Amplification of vestigial plasmid DNA quantities using the TempliPhi polymerase

  • Purification of prepared sequencing reaction 5 PLN netto.                                                                                                                    

  • Performance of PCR reaction 28 PLN netto.
    The price given is the price of a single PCR reaction after the set-up of PCR reaction. PCR set-up: 200 - 600 PLN net price

  • Template purification 2,50 PLN netto.
    Purification of template

  • Tamplate preparation directly from bacteria for plasmid DNA sequencing . First sample 50 PLN, next 30 PLN
    You may also send us killed bacteria for plasmid insert sequencing. The offer concerns the plasmids with M13 or T7 primers and insert size up to 2000 bp. A pinch (of) bacterial colony (the smallest volume possible) collected with a 10 ul tip or 1 ul (of) liquid bacterial culture should be suspended in 20 ul (of) water and incubated for 15 min. at 98°C in a thermocycler. The template thus prepared should be sent to Genomed together with the description form.
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