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Sequencing - Templates    

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Samples sent to be sequenced should contain:
  • Primer: 5 pmol/µl (5 µM) concentration, at least 10 µl. Standard primers are delivered by Genomed, free of charge

  • DNA: resuspended in water, volume up to 12 µl, minimal amount:

     PCR product < 500 pz  50 ng
     PCR produkt 500-1000 pz  100 ng
     PCR produkt > 1000 pz  200 ng
     ssDNA  50 - 100 ng
     dsDNA, plasmid 200 - 500 ng
     cosmid, BAC  500-1000 ng
     bacterial genomic DNA
     2000-3000 ng

PCR products sent as templates to be sequenced ought to be purified of primers, dNTPs, etc. and resuspended in water.


Please use on-line form to submit your samples (5% discount). Click here to go to on-line form.

When sending samples, please attach their description: include the name of each sample, template concentration, gel picture (information on the size of the PCR product or plasmid) as well as the specification of the method that had been used to isolate the DNA. Optionally: the name and the annealing temperature (Tm) of the primer.
The description should include the customer's last name / the name of the ordering institution as well as the user name (login) from Genomed's website.

                          go to online form
  download the sample-description form: (pdf) (xls

W przypadku przesyłania płytek z przygotowanymi reakcjami lub matrycami prosimy o wypełnienie formularza do opisu płytki , lub przesłanie emailem This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it opisu w formacie csv (Excel)


  Samples may be sent at Genomed's expense, using the following delivery service:

             in WARSAW:
             Kurier Genomedu - Tomasz Żurański
             mobile phone 513 445 549

             in the country (only in Poland):
           DHL courier - It is possible to order a courier to collect the parcel only over the internet.


  • Genomed covers the cost of a standard shipment (envelopes of up to 300 g total weight, collection on working days, Express service; we do not cover costs of additional services such as 9:00 Express, 10:00 Express, 12:00 Express, Prearranged Delivery, Cash on Delivery, Insurance, Priority, Return Document, Saturday Delivery)
  • We advise to use bubble envelopes.
  • DNA templates (PCR products, plasmids) and 5µM primers are stable at room temperature at least several days. If you prefer to ship samples with cooling inserts, difference in shipment price is added to your invoice.


  • The optimum length of the primer is 17-25 nt.
  • We do not recommend degenerated primers, however, they are permitted as long as the last 8 nucleotides (3' end) are complementary.
  • The melting temperature of the primer should be 45-60 °C and the optimum readings are obtained at 52-55 °C.
  • The sequencing reaction may be faulty or prove unfeasible if the primer creates homodimers or hairpin structures.

Before ordering the sequencing, check the selected primer; you may do it here .
When using standard primers, Genomed supplies the chosen primer free of charge.

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