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In the Polish market, Genomed is the only company whose staff and technological base make possible processing orders involving Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), including human genome analysis, and the subsequent reading. With respect to its innovative character, the service, a permanent addition to the company’s offer, considerably exceeds what is offered by other firms operating in the field of molecular biology. Owing to Genomed’s observing a privacy policy which inspires potential customers’ trust, it will be possible to overcome barriers to introducing the product to the market. Apart from the medical diagnostics offer, the company provides various DNA sequencing, analysis and synthesis services for the biotechnology and science market.  

The prospects for the genomic sequencing market’s development in Poland are very promising. Of substantial impact are the dynamic increases in wealth and the extent of education received by the Polish society, as well as the fast-paced development of the biotechnology industry, doubtlessly influenced by the government’s policy of promoting progress. Genomed is a company with tremendous growth potential in Poland and in the international market.

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